Wax Injection
  • 12 Ton, Top and Side Injecting, Semi Automatic Wax Injection Machines with Slab Melting Arrangement – 2 Nos.

  • Temperature Controlled Wax assembly Area.

Engineered Shell Building
  • High shear mixer, Shell Pot and Rainfall sander for Engineered shell preparation.

  • Temperature, Humidity and Airflow controlled Shell Drying Room.

  • De waxing Autoclave system with 400 Kg/hour Steam Boiler integrated with Steam Accumulator.

  • Diesel Fired Shell Sintering Furnace.

  • 150 Kgs & 300 Kgs – 175kw Indutotherm IGBT Induction Furnace with Wet scrubber System.

  • Shell Knockout Machine with Acoustic Panel.

  • Automatic Abrasive Cut-off Machine for Cluster slitting.

  • 1 Ton Auto Quench furnace Heat Treatment Furnace.

  • 1 Ton Electric Tempering Furnace.

  • Tumblast Type Shot Blasting machine with auto shaking system.

Support Infrastructure
  • 2 x 500 KVA Diesel Generator for Power Back-up

  • Hitech Electrical, Air and Water System to support the process. Screw Compressor, Cooling Tower and Softener for process support.